Lofoten – early October

We spent the first twelve days of October in Lofoten, and the stay culminated with an eagle safari to Øyhellsundet out of Svolvær. With a group of students from Lofoten folkehøgskole we experienced the wildest safari we have ever been on! More than 50 White-tailed Eagles in all stages of plumage, gathered around the boat for a free meal of herring!

October also started very well, with a smart 1st calendar year Turtle Dove near Kabelvåg.

Waxvings are also on the move, and several flocks were seen during the period. 

Even some birds still in juvenile plumage in between.

Purple Sandpipers are searching for food in the rotting seaweed along the shores.

On a guiding in Western Lofoten we had an interesting incident of a Sparrowhawk that was mobbed by a Merlin.

It was also nice to see and photograph some of the “land-birds” that we don’t see regularly in the outer Islands like Røst.

Willow Grouse in transformation to winter plumage


Great Tit