Summing up winter in Lofoten

The period from February to mid-March was what we call a normal winter in the Lofoten region, without the big highlights.

Iceland gulls occurred in moderate numbers – here an adult from Andenes.

Adult and 2cy Iceland gulls from Henningsvær.

Adult Iceland gull from Røst.

White-tailed eagle winter in three-figured numbers in Lofoten, and we find all age classes; here a 2cy and an adult bird.

A single Northern hawk owl was at Vestvågøy most of February.

A single male Northern pintail spent the winter with mallards at Gimsøy.

Grey herons can be found in good numbers during the winter in Lofoten; two adult and a 2cy bird from Napp in Flakstad.

Among shorebirds, the purple sandpiper is by far the most regular winter guest in our region. 

Curlews also winters locally; here a flock of 22 birds at Vestvågøy.

Redshanks can be found in small numbers at Røst in winter.

The ringed plower is among the earliest migratory birds to arrive; this one from Røst in March.

The coal tit is a scarce breeder in Lofoten, but seems to be regular in some of the older planted spruce fields.

A winter wren that survived the winter at Røst.