Our blog will give you an idea of what birding in Norway can be like, and what Tringa Birding is up to throughout the year.

  • Summing up winter in Lofoten

    Summing up winter in Lofoten

    The period from February to mid-March was what we call a normal winter in the Lofoten region, without the big highlights. Iceland gulls occurred in moderate numbers – here an adult from Andenes. Adult and 2cy Iceland gulls from Henningsvær. Adult Iceland gull from Røst. White-tailed eagle winter in three-figured numbers in Lofoten, and we…

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  • A short trip to the south-west

    A short trip to the south-west

    After ten freezing cold days with loads of snow, we took off for a long weekend at Jæren – the south-westrn corner of Norway – that tempted with temperatures above zero and snow-free conditions. Despite quite heavy winds and frequent showers, it offered some great birding. One of our first encounters was a beautiful great…

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  • Ice cold start of 2024

    Ice cold start of 2024

    We always start a new year with some kind of bird-race – who will find the most species in the first weeks of January? This year has been extremely slow in South-eastern Norway, as the new year started with temperatures down to minus 20 degrees Celsius and heavy snowfall. A lot of the wintering birds…

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  • Life around the bird feeders

    Life around the bird feeders

    When we go into the darkest week of the year around Christmas, it is time to focus on the bird feeders, and ensure that the birds have food to survive the hardest period of winter. The crested tit is charming bird found close to coniferous forests. The coal tit is also a typical woodland bird.…

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