Our blog will give you an idea of what birding in Norway can be like, and what Tringa Birding is up to throughout the year.

  • Quick trip to Mandal and Lista

    Quick trip to Mandal and Lista

    Mid December we did a quick trip to the very south of Norway. Even here the conditions were quite winterly and cold, but a few good birds made our day. The first stop was Mandal, where a 2ndcy American Herring Gull has been guesting the harbour. This bird shoved up for a couple of months…

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  • Ice-cold Southern Norway

    Ice-cold Southern Norway

    We have moved south to our base by the Oslofjord south of Oslo for the darkest period of the winter. Our hope to go birding in milder and snow-free conditions was put down immediately, as the first week of December came up with temperatures around -10 degrees Celsius and ice-cold winds.However, it is fascinating to…

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  • Orcas and other whales

    Orcas and other whales

    Mid November we took some days off from birding and joined a research team studying Killer Whale behaviour at Skjervøy in Troms. It was a truly amazing trip, with many close encounters with pods of this majestic creatures. The Killer Whales are regularly seen feeding alongside Humpback Whales, a phenomenon not often seen elsewhere. They both…

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  • Early November – a short trip to Southern Norway and back

    Early November – a short trip to Southern Norway and back

    A road trip to Færder in Vestfold County for the annual meeting of Birdlife Norway’s faunistic committees, gave some nice opportunities for birding on the way.The first stop was in Hemnes in Nordland, where encounters with a group of Hazel Grouse became a highlight of the trip. In Tønsberg we had a nice reunion with…

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